Tape a Cheetah to Your Back

Even with great examples, it’s difficult to finish a long essay in 25 minutes. Getting off to a quick start is crucial. Make it your goal to finish the intro in the first five minutes. Work urgently. No lollygagging. Tape a cheetah to your back. Be like a fighter jet catapulted off an aircraft carrier not like a commercial plane taxiing down a runway. You get the idea.

Your 3-Sentence Introduction

So how do you write a quick and effective intro? First, don’t get hung up on crafting a clever hook. The intro only needs to accomplish three things: state your position, state why, list your examples. Three sentences and you’re done. As with all things, practice makes perfect so find some sample prompts online and practice writing a few five minute intros. You’ll find that as you get better at it, you’ll be able to add little touches of sophistication to the template.

Sample Prompt and Intro

Sample Intro: "Has the emphasis on individualism in our society caused people to forget the importance of belonging to a community?"

Sample Prompt: "The emphasis on individualism in society has not caused people to forget the importance of belonging to a community. Focusing on individual actions actually reinforces the idea that individuals cannot thrive apart from community. This trend is evident in the Puritan community of The Scarlet Letter and in the virtual community of Facebook."