Why families love working with essaywise college counselors

"I really would not have gotten into any of my schools if it weren't for Phil. During a very stressful time, he was not only an extremely helpful and reliable counselor, he was also a great listener, friend, and role model and I always enjoyed our conversations. He's the best person in the world!" 
--University of Washington student who worked with Phil

“Before, I had difficulty writing without sounding cliche. Jon helped me identify certain aspects of my personality that I wanted to express through my essays. His comments encouraged me to write about unique experiences I would have otherwise overlooked, and also guided me so that my writing addressed the prompt. I learned to write with precision (especially with the word/character limits) while retaining the voice that makes me an individual. The admission people at Yale and Stanford who read my application sent me a handwritten note about how they liked my essays!”
--Stanford student who worked with Jon

"I totally trust Phil's judgement. We are extremely pleased with his way of teaching and covering the material and our child feels lots of motivation working with him. We will confidently recommend him to all our friends. He is the best."
--Parent of junior who worked with Phil for test prep

"She did GREAT!  Thanks to you, she got into lots of schools and had many, many choices and scholarships all over the country!
--Parent of UC Santa Barbara student who worked with Jon

"It was a long road, we are thrilled with the results. Thanks for your help!"
--Parent of Stanford student who worked with Phil

"We are all very happy for him and all his choices.  Thank you so very much for all your help this past year!"
--Parent of Yale student who worked with Jon

"Phil worked a small miracle in me."
--UCLA student who worked with Phil

“Hiring you really took the stress off the student-parent relationship. My daughter sometimes called you a nag, but she meant it in a good way!  She said you stayed on top of her apps and forced her to get things done. You were just what she needed, and she knew it. She was very grateful in the end.”
--Parent of USC student who worked with Jon

"Thanks again for ALL your timely help with his essays. #grateful.
--Parent of University of Pennsylvania student who worked with Jon

How can 1:1 college counseling help your Child?

We shepherd families through the entire process, from freshman year until your child receives those acceptance letters senior year. 

To learn more about working together, please get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Jon & Phil