Introducing our 1-hour College guides

We wrote our college strategy books with busy parents in mind. If you have 1 hour, you can learn the basics.

Volume 1: Building the College List

Confused about where to apply to college? Building the College List tells you exactly what you need to know to ensure your child has plenty of good college options.

VOLUME 2: Writing the application essay

Students procrastinate because they don't understand the writing process. Writing the Application Essay shows you the process we use to get our students talking and writing. Check it out!

Volume 3: Storymoji!

Need some Common Application essay ideas right away? Storymoji! gives you 125+ relatable topics -- it only takes one to get your child writing.

Volume 4: Mastering the UC Application

Not sure which UC campuses to apply to, or how to handle the Personal Insight Questions? This book has you covered!